The research team has developed a potassium-based dual graphite battery based on high voltage and high concentration electrolyte

Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a potassium-based dual graphite battery based on high voltage and high concentration electrolyte.


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C1 chemistry forward-looking article published by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

The article systematically reviews the latest progress and important achievements of the research team and international counterparts in the conversion of C1 molecules in the past ten years, with special attention to new catalytic reaction processes.


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The research team has made new progress in regulating the selectivity of isoprene hydrosilation

The research team of Chen Qing'an, research group of biomimetic catalytic synthesis Innovation Zone (group 02t4) of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made new progress in the regulation of hydrosilylation selectivity of isoprene.


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Research and development direction of Poly(Dimethyl diallyl ammonium Chloride) / Polydadmac products

With the development of polydadmac's application range, the research and development of new polydadmac products with high relative molecular weight, series of relative molecular weight and controllable relative molecular weight distribution through preparation process research is the direction of polydadmac product research and development.


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The drinking water group of School of environment, Tsinghua University first proposed and verified the new mechanism of the source of precursor nitrosamines in water

Tsinghua news network, June 19 (Xinhua) on June 17, the research group of Chen Chao, Institute of drinking water safety, School of environment, Tsinghua University, published an online publication entitled "Formation of N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors through the microbiological metabolism of nitrogenous substrates in water" on the authoritative journal water research in the field of environment and municipal administration“.


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Growing polymers with different lengths

ETH researchers have developed a new method for producing polymers with different lengths. This paves the way for new classes of polymer materials to be used in previously inconceivable applications.


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Beijing Eco-environmental Department Strengthens Sewage and Wastewater Supervision the new epidemic area.

In response to the recent epidemic of new coronavirus in Beijing, the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Corps and the Fengtai District Environmental Monitoring Detachment responded quickly and conducted an on-site inspection of the wastewater disinfection treatment process of the Huaifang Regeneration Water Plant, which treats wastewater generated in the new epidemic area.


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The regulatory effect of probiotics on the toxicity of pollutants in water environment

Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences reveals the regulatory effect of probiotics on the toxic effects of pollutants in the water environment.


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Progress in research on cavitation resistant coating materials

The abrasion and surface engineering and polymer tribology research group of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences used thermal spraying technology to prepare related cavitation-resistant coating materials using Ni-based alloy powder with excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance.


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The head-tail of tadpoles: the dynamics of polymers with a singular shape in a new study

They are in the shape of a tadpole and interact with each other by harpooning between head and tail, thus presenting interesting and unexpected physical properties.


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Professor Zhu Hongwei's group published a review paper on "cation π interaction in graphene system"

The key role of cation π interaction in graphene system in water treatment (membrane separation, adsorption), new material synthesis, nano power generation, energy storage, solution / composite dispersion and other applications is systematically summarized.


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The Diagenetic Water Medium on the Hydrogen Isotope of Sedimentary N-Alkanes

The hydrogen isotopic composition of sedimentary n-alkanes can be used to study paleoclimate, organic matter source and petroleum genesis.


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Film photosensitizer Highly efficient singlet oxygen generation

Photosensitized generation of singlet oxygen has attracted a great deal of interest reaching applications in various fields owing to its high biological activity and strong oxidation.


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